The LEAD Advantage:
A 3-Part Series

A Pivital 3-Part Workshop Series to help high-school and college students communicate well, build their personal brand, and develop a functional network that will set them up for success.

Communication 101: How to Have Hard Conversations

Our first shop will introduce teens to the basics of interpersonal communication. This 2-hour workshop lays the introductory foundation for the two subsequent shops. Our goal is to truly revolutionize the way teens and young adults interact with one another, setting them up to successfully build relationships.

– effective communication and why effective communication is important.

– helpful tips re: positive body language and inviting intonation.

– the art of listening and why its so dang important.

– to recognize positive and negative ways of communicating.

– how to navigate interpersonal conflict and resolve issues real time, face to face.

Reputation 101: Brand Building, Baby!

Our second Shop will introduce teens to the concept of personal branding. During this workshop, students will gain exposure to the LEAD Advantage™, a cutting-edge personality tool that helps users understand how others – their friends, colleagues, co-workers, teachers, and families – see them at their best.

– your unique personal branding profile using the LEAD Advantage™.

– how you are most likely to make a brilliant first impression.

– how your personality adds value to teams, projects, and the community.

– potential “watch-outs” in your communication style.

– your “inward” and “outward” brand, and how to leverage both as a catalyst for success.

– how to utilize your personal brand as a tool to enhance interpersonal communication and relationships.

– how to build your “personal anthem”, which can be leveraged in the third and final Talk Shop to build and expand your personal network.

Networking 101: The Art of Self Promotion

Our final Shop dives deep into the art of networking - one of the most under-taught, game-changing skills going into college (and subsequently, coming out of college). It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Concluding this session, students will have taken the first steps to network more effectively while having fun with it.

– the different types of networking (personal, operational, strategic)

– how to network with the right attitude and mindset, ultimately attracting the right people and building a web of connections

– where to build your networks – both online and offline – how to navigate them, and how to build your own using online tools

– the five steps of networking at a reception (and any other networking event).

– how to build your own personal networking game plan.

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Why The LEAD Advantage 3-part Series?

We’re going to be super frank: your students won’t become fluent in a second language by just downloading an app. They likely won’t win a class officer election solely by campaigning through their Instagram story. The love of their life is not likely to randomly appear on their doorstep because they read their Facebook blog. You see, genuine human connection is the key to personal and professional success. The ability to build relationships relies heavily on their ability to connect with others on a real level. Countless research has demonstrated that teens these days often have ineffective interpersonal communication patterns – especially the work-force emerging “Generation Z.” After all, they are the first generation born into a fully technological environment. Does that affect you? Heck yes. Your students are growing up while developing their social skills online in the cyber world. Texts and snapchats simply won’t cut it, they need real, tangible communication skills in order flourish later in life, whether that be in college, the workplace, or within their family sphere.

Riddle me this: do you feel confident in your student’s ability to talk to people 1-on-1? Or does the thought of face-to-face conversation make them squirm a bit? We know it’s the latter. That is why we are here. Our three-part LEAD Advantage Series™ leads high school and college students, through the ultimate tutorial of talk, if you will… we will effectively teach them how to express themselves with words and gestures to communicate clearly and coherently, the art of listening and receiving criticism, and the integral role their personal brand plays in the success of their relationships.

Who are they for?

Are you a freshman in High School, or perhaps a senior on College? Or are you the parent of one? Awesome, then this workshop series is for you, and anyone else between! (separate workshops for high school students and college students).

From birth to college, communication within a family grows and stretches as children often do. Adolescent growing pains and the ubiquitous nature of social and streaming media have combined in a way that challenges the development of strong communication skills during a time when interpersonal skills are imperative.

Give your child the gift of self-assurance and watch them reap the success that comes with stellar relationship skills.

Every year between 15-22 is an epic journey and presents countless unique milestones and challenges. Our LEAD Advantage Series™ will help develop, grow and utilize communication strategies that will increase not only academic performance and confidence but also lifelong social skills. Learning how to communicate with clarity, brevity and impact – then turning around and leveraging those skills to build a monster power network – that is what’s waiting on the other side. So c’mon and join us! Build your brand today!