Discovering your calling…it can be a life-long process to stumble upon one’s “purpose”. Apparently the Biebs got lucky and found his while working on his last album and that’s fantastic – just know that it isn’t normal to know what we want and the journey to find that elusive pot of gold can seen seem like a windy, bumpy trail with infinite switchbacks. But take it from me, it’s worth the chase. These days, students could use a little help developing their “passion plans.” While nearly 70% of college students take on debt, 47% of those college graduates have a hard time locating a job related to their major, which can lead to missed opportunity and growth in a young professionals career.

It is never too late – or too early for that matter – to dig deep and start asking yourself questions that lead to growth and expansion. Map your future out – start thinking about areas if study that pique your interest, job descriptions that sound super fun, and most importantly, take a look at your own skill sets. In searching for your aptitudes, see yourself as a treasure hunter passing over the ground with a metal detectors, listening out for beeps of joy.

Still stuck? Ponder this: what do others come to you for advice about? What comes as easily to you as breathing but is a struggle for others?

Once you have a better understanding of where you may want to go professionally, start talking to folks in that arena! Ask – how did they get there? What types of training are required?

Life about always being true to who you are – only then will you find your passion. The more aligned your thoughts and beliefs are to your purpose and passions, the easier it becomes to make decisions, and to set and achieve goals.