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Signing up

For LEADwomen, 1 month autopay is $289. If you choose to pay month to month it will be $309 monthly. For LEADteens, it costs $229 per month on autopay ($249 month to month).

Please visit our website at www.getyourleadon.com and click ENROLL to purchase your package. OR shoot us an e-mail at maddy@getyourleadon.com.

  • 8 sessions that can be used at your discretion
  • A membership at Ironworks gym that can be used whenever you’d like to workout outside of LEAD classes
  • Access to the complete LEAD Advantage™ Platform

Absolutely. There is an button on the right when adding a contract to your account that says “PAY FOR ANOTHER CLIENT”, which will allow you to pay from your account, but put the classes on someone else’s.


Membership Management

We can pause your payment schedule so it will not charge you while you’re away. Please make sure to let us know in advance, because if you’ve paid for the month already, we cannot refund.

Yes! Once your package is active, you can go through and click on all 8 class times you wish to sign up for.

You cannot cancel your physical account because of the way MINDBODY has set up their interface. They did this because they found clients would come back and have to reenter all their info again. So, you cannot cancel your physical profile, but you can cancel your LEAD contract so you won’t be charged.

You must go through Maddy, and it must be cancelled before your next payment date. If you will be gone for a period of time, but don’t want to cancel, contact Maddy to pause your account.

Yes, but they must be made up within the 1-month time frame of your current contract. Once the month is over, classes can not be made up. All 8 classes must be used within the month.


Yes, a single class is $40 per class for LEADw, and $30 for LEADprep.

Classes are 70 minutes long and include 40 to 45 minutes of strength training/metabolic conditioning, and 20-30 minutes of conversation that dives into our Leadership Development Curriculum.

Yes! Our workouts are designed to be scale-able to any athlete that walks through our door (and yes, as soon as you walk through our doors you ARE an athlete). Our coaches are excited to help you discover what your body is capable of, the only thing you need to do is show up and be all in!

YES! Please download the MindBody app and sign-up for the classes you plan on attending. This is critical to a) ensure a coach is present, and b) to ensure our class sizes stay under our cap.

A water bottle, your LEAD notebook, and yourself!

Absolutely! Friends are more than welcome to visit one class for free! LEAD is so much fun with friends…AND, if they sign up, we have a killer referral program 🙂

Don't see your question? Shoot us an e-mail at maddy@getyourleadon.com.