Wednesday marked the 3rd Annual Women 2 Watch event presented by 425 Magazine and King 5.

The showcase was unmatched, the quintuple cast of Rockstar Women couldn’t have been more diverse in their drive, passion and industry!

Kim Peterson of Uniquely Savvy took the stage and shared of challenge, hope, bravery and change. Her story was so raw, so honest and so personal. For so many women in our community, her courage to share her story and give hope to women in all walks of life was unmatched.

Comcast won the Regional VP Lottery when they hired Amy Lynch, she is smart, driven and unique in her industry, a true inspiration to any girl or woman with an interest or passion for the tech sphere. Her message of paving your own path, asking for opportunity and being confident in your ability to literally climb mountains was right on point!

From coffee to pizza and London to Seattle, Ally Svenson is making waves and creating communities where none exist.  Her story of launching Starbucks into the UK with their sale of Seattle Coffee Company and then creating a NEW category of Pizza Joint clearly demonstrates the determination she possesses and subsequently catapults her passion to spread love, kindness, community and sharing with their motto, “It isn’t about the Pizza, it’s the people.” And everyone in the audience was left with tears as she described her commitment to feeding kids with the program they support that sends meals home in the backpacks of kids for families in need.

Radio personality, Brooke Fox was a breath of fresh air and good for a belly laugh as she took the stage to share about being your authentic self by literally being her authentic self!  She was fun, and honest, joking about how infrequently she shaves her pits, and she said exactly what and how we want all our young girls to grow up… anybody worth having an opinion about you will love you exactly how you are!

I will admit that as the Community Engagement Coordinator of LEAD, I was especially honored to be there supporting my friend, boss and all around ROCKSTAR, Claire Durrell. Her brain child, LEAD is clearly making waves, changing the way we think about training our teen girls to be fit while becoming leaders in their own endeavors. After less than 1 year since LEAD opened the doors to its first set of Teens, we now share our leadership space with LEAD Women (LEADw) and are presenting our TalkShop series at several local High Schools – training our kids on how to communicate in a way that highlights their very best natural personality traits.

Claire opened with a heck of an icebreaker, questioning the audience about how Captivating they thought they were, the punchline… less than 25% of women believe they’re more captivating than the average person… Why?  Today’s culture has its priorities in a twist, consistently focusing on the outcome of goals and being “better”. Claire’s dream for LEAD, and for our culture at large, is to turn our cultural pursuits of being the best on it’s head and focus on what makes us uniquely different. She spent her time on stage imploring those in the audience to  explore how they captivate, and to live into those unique qualities rather than conforming to the competition. Her solution? The LEAD Advantage.

Through this assessment, which each of our LEADers take after joining our program, we help girls and women  determine what makes them captivating, fascinating, and different. We live in a world that leads us to think that conforming and trying to be the best will equate success, but Claire spent time showing us that being different is what makes you stand out, being different is what makes you captivating.  Being DIFFERENT is BETTER than being BETTER!

What an awesome event, this was my first and won’t be my last… the venue was sparkly, the snacks just hit the spot after a long day and the company was unmatched… this group of women; speakers, guests, coordinators, our host and presenters… I feel so proud to be a women and and a member of the LEADw crusade to own our impact in our communities!


Should you need to contact me to discuss this further please do not hesitate to call me at (503) 704-8337.