With all things being equal, what is different about winning athletes? The truth is that when elite athletes are competing, the gap in abilities between the strongest and the weakest is extremely small. In the end, it comes down to psychological grit and the will to improve little by little every day…which is exactly why in May we are honoring Junior BHS student Carlie Gilbert as LEAD’s Athlete of the Month. After suffering a season-ending injury last winter, Carlie – a Varsity soccer and basketball player, and who throws javelin for her high school track team – spent no time dwelling on the negative. She has that intrinsic motivation that propels her to be the best she can be, and even if she cannot be in the game, she is right there carrying her teammates forward. Carlie has initiative; collectively we hatched a plan to gradually build back up her upper body stamina while keeping her glutes, quads and hammies firing strong – that way she would be prepared to jump back into track season. And so she did. Just a few short months after shattering her collarbone and undergoing surgery, Carlie is back at it, doing what she does…setting the standard for excellence and scoffing at excuses (and killing her shoulder press drills in the gym, I might add!). So, here’s to you Carlie – well done. We look forward to watching all your athletic accomplishments in 2017-2018!

Athletic career highlight: Winning state for basketball

Fav flick: Finding Nemo

My notable leadership qualities: supportive, encouraging, hard-working

Favorite Subject: English

Jam that gets me amped: All I do is win – DJ Khaled

Go-to pre-game meal: Jimmy Johns

My happy place: my cabin

Athlete role-model: Kelsey Plum