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We use strength training as a catalyst to open the door and set the stage for growth and development both inside and outside of the weight-room.


How does the world see you? How does that align with who you are at your core? Our unique curriculum is built around the worlds leading Personal Branding platform, The LEAD Advantage™, and takes a customized approach to help you understand, appreciate, and communicate your value.​

Leadership Development

We hear this a lot, "well, i'm not really a leader", or "i'm not sure I want to lead." The truth is, we are all leaders in our own capacity, in our own communities. Why? Because we are constantly making ripples in our environment, intentional or not. We define leadership as taking ownership over the trajectory and power of your influence. Our leadership curriculum was built to empower you to live in to the title!


We live in a world where people alter who they are to fit in, to connect, and to be accepted. LEAD's dream is to create a space where you can be yourself, share your struggles, and build strong, authentic relationships. We are team NOBULL - that means within our walls we are transparent, vulnerable, and real. That's true community!

LEAD Curriculum™

Not everybody can become a Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington…all remarkable individuals who embody the word “leader” from a traditional sense. Despite this, there is power in redefining leadership and learning to positively influence others by leveraging our own strengths. When each of us take ownership over leading in our own capacity – small or large – it can, and will make a difference in society.

Our curriculum is designed to offer you a new lens through which you see yourself as a leader. LEAD offers you a platform to understand your strengths, explore your unique value, and embrace how the world see’s you at your best. Personal branding is a prerequisite to being a leader, it’s the essence of leadership. Our curriculum themes approach leadership in twelve distinct ways and seeks to tackle two goals: personal branding exploration and application.


To discover something hidden, lost, or kept secret.


To begin or set out, as on a journey or activity.


To strive or vie in contest or against difficulties.


To burn to produce heat or power.


To meet or face courageously; to defy, challenge, or dare.

/ inˈɡāj,enˈɡāj/

To establish a meaningful contact or connection.


To mark kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark or the like.


To feel, perceive, think, will, and especially reason.


To put the interests of others above your own.


To persist in a state in spite of counter influences, opposition, or discouragement.


To come or bring together for a common purpose or action.


To have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

Program Information


Intro Package

$ 289 / 2-month committment
  • 8 Strength Training + Leadership Classes
  • Access to the LEAD Advantage™ Assessment ($99 value)
  • LEAD notebook
  • Option to pay month to month ($309)

2x per week Monthly Contract

$ 289 / m
  • 8 Strength Training + Leadership Classes
  • Access to the LEAD Advantage™ Assessment ($99 value)
  • Contract auto-renews monthly
  • Option to pay month to month ($309)

3x per Week Monthly Contract

$ 389 / m
  • 12 Strength Training + Leadership Classes
  • Access to the LEAD Advantage™ Assessment ($99 value)
  • Manual monthly renewal of package