This isn’t your average college prep program. Grades, SAT scores, sports, volunteer hours, internships, resumes and applications: that’s not our jam. Our focus is on what every other college prep Program seemingly neglects – HER. LEAD provides your daughter the opportunity to do some serious soul searching, and in turn grants her to chance to build genuine human connection with other young women her age – something we believe is imperative to every teen’s personal and professional success.

LEADprep revolves around progress in two equally vital and highly-connected areas: physical strength and cognitive development. We believe in something called the mind-body connection. It’s the link between our physical machine (body), and our soul (everything that makes us, us: our beliefs, attitudes, emotions, etc.). By challenging our physical capacity during our workouts, a door opens. On the other side she will find endless growth and development opportunities both in and outside of the weight room. With that door wide open, we capitalize on that sense of empowerment and train our college-bound leaders to appreciate their unique advantages, make authentic connections with others, and own their impact in their communities. They’ve done the work on the outside and proved on paper what their capable of, but the true recipe for success in college and beyond starts on the inside: their development as a leader and author of their thoughts, words, behaviors, and actions that reciprocally shape their brand.

Each LEADer is required to take our award-winning personal branding assessment, The LEAD AdvantageTM, upon enrollment. Gifting your high schooler the opportunity to reflect on, design and develop her personal brand from the inside out pre-college is the greatest gift! This evaluation will help her to recognize her most influential and persuasive mode of communication. It will also uncover how the world sees her at her absolute best.

Leveraging these personality profiles allows us as coaches to completely customize both the curriculum and the LEAD experience to each young woman in our Program. The result? Tailored leadership development training through your daughters’ lens rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Are you a potential LEADer? Awesome! Here’s our Program Info:

  • An 8-week Program open to current 9th-12th graders; includes 16 strength training + leadership development sessions designed to whip participants into killer shape in a fun, interactive way
  • Get strong and lean while learning proper form in a comfortable environment
  • Better understand “performance nutrition” and learn how to calculate your macros to fuel your body right
  • Hone your unique leadership skills via the LEAD Advantage™, our personal branding assessment (offered upon enrollment to aid post-workout conversations).
  • Meet equally amazing, super cool young women from other schools and build genuine connections

Ready to sign up? Want more info? Don’t wait, spots are limited.